The New Style...

I got something to say. I just can't ever get it out - no matter how important I think it is.

Maybe, I just need to slow down - I do too much. Only do the things that need to be done - nothing else but focus from now on. I need to look back at what I'm typing now as a reminder to do right by myself at all times.

Is This Detrimental?
That is the mindset. You know, that often is the mindset when I retreat though. It just happens; I don't want to risk anything. I'm trapped in this damn thing.

I need more time all the time - I do too much.



Why does it scare you? People stealing TVs are stealing. "Wal-Mart has insurance" is hardly an excuse. Do you have insurance? Can I rob you?
Wait, that's a stretch. It's not an excuse, but these looters are hardly depriving people of things they need. They aren't depriving anyone *because* the insurance will cover it all. I'm just saying, let's stop crying for Wal-Mart or Kmart. In fact, looters clearing out the electronics section probably turned over more product (and profit) than Wal-Mart usually does in the same time frame.

It isn't that I'm trying to justify their actions, I'm just trying to get anyone to understand that when you are so disenfranchised from society - because of race, creed or social class - you likely aren't going to care so much when it's "your turn". That is what these people are feeling, they are feeling it's their turn. Reports said that some people were trying to claim certain parts of the city as their own, and they likely have been waiting for the day they could it. Not because they are criminals, because they found out what it is like to be in control for once in their lives.

I don't think everyone stealing stuff is a 'criminal' (before the hurricane), but even the criminal element out there aren't just born that way. Are they? I've always learned/thought/whatever that criminals are made, not born.

I don't treat criminals any particular way, as I am not in law enforcement or the criminal justice system. I'm just saying that the looters (except the ones taking vitally needed food and water) should be treated like any other time those crimes are committed.
It's just property, a poor boy like you should realize that. The fact that people basically committed a misdemeanor or small felony doesn't give anyone the right to order "shoot to kill". If one person walks out of Wal-Mart with $10,000 in merchandise by him or her self they are still only committing a very small crime (in comparison, we are talking theft here, not baby rape). No matter, you get Miranda rights from a rape case - not a shoplifting, robbery or grand theft case.

To say that shooting to kill or any other inhumane treatment is on the table only makes the looters and rioters go even more crazy. All bets are *really* off. (Now, I'm not trying to say that you wanted "shoot to kill" orders, I'm just talking about the issue at large).

The criminals in New Orleans are criminals, no matter their race, class, or economic status.
This is true - and has been my point for days really. People I talk to confuse "black" with "criminal" in this situation (like they do with every situation). Just looking at the numbers makes you wonder why the "criminals" are almost all "black". 28% of the city is below the poverty line, 84% of the poor are black. A city of a half a million people - and over 100,000 are black.

Whites have moved out of the city, partially due to crime and partially due to racism (remember, this is the state that almost elected David Duke governor back in just 1991). As many people are pointing out - this bothers us (me, others) because we are seeing the effects of disenfranchisement and poverty and almost what has become economic apartheid in this country.

Fuck it: I'm a liberal and with that comes the feeling that I hate to see people die *just* because they are poor. Forget the looters, forget the failed relief efforts. The fact remains that most people living in the city of New Orleans (9th Ward, etc) didn't have access to cars - something that could have saved them from day one. People drown in their own homes because there was nothing they could do, no where to turn. When you just expect everyone to hop in the car and take off - you've committed mass murder. Are the feds, Bush, FEMA, Louisiana's response people, whoever it is, are they that stupid to think that a major city like New Orleans doesn't have a large poor population that can't just "up and go"? And to think, all of the cities poor lived right next to those levees.


Wax Head Of Mozart... Stolen!

WRAL.com - AP Strange News - Wax Head Of Mozart Is Stolen From Museum

"VIENNA, Austria -- Thieves snatched the wax head of life-size Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart figure from a Salzburg museum, police said Saturday.

The wax figure of the composer was on display at 'Next to Mozart,' a multimedia museum that opened last year. The wax head has an estimated value of euro15,000 (US$18,427), but museum employees told Austria Press Agency that the work was truly unique _ and appealed for its return.

'It must have happened between 8 p.m. Friday, when we closed, and today before 9 a.m.,' museum employee Elisabeth Stoeckl told APA. 'When we opened up again, Mozart's head was gone.'"


Adding Custom Searches to Google Desktop

So you had the Google Deskbar installed but then you upgraded to Google Desktop. When you were using the Google Deskbar you created all of these custom searches and all was well because those custom searches were transferred over when you upgraded to Google Desktop. But now you can't create custom searches because that isn't an option in Google Desktop.

Well, if you are comfortable editing the Windows registry then you can create your own that way! (Warning if you don't feel comfortable - don't edit the registry. It can be VERY dangerous - you've been warned!) How fun. The custom searches are stored under:


Now, let's look at the structure of this thing.

First you should have the (Default) value and (No value set)... pretty standard. Then you'll have numbers starting at 0 and going up (obviously) from there. There should already be numbers 0 and 1, but maybe even more defaults.

For example, my first custom search is number 3 and is a search for the online encyclopedia Wikipedia. So under the registry key above there is a string value called "3" and it's value is:

<searchitem id='{id}' title="Wikipedia" url='http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&as_qdr=all&q={1}+site%3Awikipedia.com' group='user' cmdkey='Ctrl+W' useviewer='yes' encoding='standard'/></blockquote>
Unfortunately that is not going to be on one line like it should be - but cutting and pasting will keep it on one line. So go ahead and right click on "CustomSearch" and select "New" then select "String value". Name it the next logical number, and then double click that number. When you've double clicked that number paste in the code above.

Now, we must create a sub-key under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Google\CustomSearch that goes by the same number. So to recap: Following the example above, we've created a string value called "3" under HCU\Software\Google\CustomSearch and pasted the above code into it. After we've done this right click on "CustomSearch" again and select "New" then "Key". It will create a subkey represented by a folder (in the left pane) and you'll have a chance to name it. Make sure you name it the same number that you've named above.

Now, with the subkey created we need to fill in some information in that subkey. This information is (with their value types):

Encoding (String Value)
Key (String Value)
Title (String Value)
Url (String Value)
UseViewer (DWORD Value)
You may notice that I didn't say "(Default)" because it is already created with the key.

Now, let's take these one step at a time.

Encoding: You have a few choices but mainly you want either "UTF-8" or "standard" (without the quotes, never copy my quote marks). Just use standard if you don't care or don't know which to use.

The Key string is basically the shortcut key you want to use to launch your custom search. Now beware because there already some reserved, just look over the other custom searches and select something unused. Using numbers seems to be the safest bet - just number them in the order you input them so it's easy to remember. For our example, a Wikipedia search, I've used "Ctrl-W" and that is exactly how you want to put it in the registry.

Title: This is nothing more than the common name you want to call the custom search - I've choosen "Wikipedia" of course.

URL: The url for our custom search is simple. Basically you use {1} as a placeholder to For a better guide to designing custom search URL's see this Google Deskbar Help page. Here are a few examples to help you get started though (notice the bold {1}, that is where our search terms are inserted):

Wikipedia (our current example):
Yagoohoogle! (shows Google and Yahoo! results side by side):

You can also omit the {1} and just use a plain URL to launch a page. For example, I've got a custom search that loads blogger.com and uses the shortcut (Key) Ctrl+B. It doesn't search anything. By using Alt+Ctrl+G (moves cursor and focus to search bar) and then Ctrl+B I can launch blogger in seconds. Pretty cool huh?

UseViewer: This isn't relevant with Google Desktop Search/Google Sidebar, but the Google Deskbar will use a miniture Internet Explorer based browser to show the results. It is pretty cool, but is painfully slow on some systems. It is a DWORD string, and can either be set to 0 or 1, off or on. Set to 0 just to be safe.

Okay did you get all of that?

If not here is an example registry file that you can play with, but I don't suggest importing it (as it will replace your fourth custom search if it exists):

What I do recommend is this: Open the Windows Registry Editor (Start -> Run -> regedit) and drill down to:

Then export that key to a file, paste the text of the above file into your export, and edit from there and then import the modified file into the registry.

Please, don't try any of this without making the proper backups.

Before I go; you can export custom searches from one machine to the next. And by all means leave some feedback.

The 9.5 (Funny) Tenets of Corporate Bathroom Etiquette

ShitOnFire.com: PSA: The 9.5 Tenets of Corporate Bathroom Etiquette:
"Have you ever walked into a toilet stall and it looks like a scene from Saving Private Ryan? "


Google should rename itself

Google should just shorten their name and change a letter and call it what it is:


Blogger, Google Talk, Google Earth, Google Desktop Search, Google Earth, Google Sidebar, Google Child Locator....

Download some of this stuff now and see for yourself. I'm just waiting for a Linux distribution.


I need that here

Photos: Intel's designs on PCs | CNET News.com:
"Intel unveils a concept 'community computer' to supply emerging countries with a new PC made to tolerate hot and dusty conditions."

I've had to turn the PC off for days at a time because it was over 100 degress in the house (over 165 on the CPU) due to a faulty and old AC unit - plus the mounds of cat hair that find it's way into the PC.

Now if I could only get the monitor to stop smelling like it's burning.


It's not terrorism that should scare you!

British Police Demand Access To Encryption Keys
"I'm going to let you in on a deep, dark, dirty secret. They aren't really trying to solve the problem. Terrorism is a boon to the US and UK governments, because it gives them an excuse to push the respective nations closer to a police state.

A police state is not a consequence of misguided attempts at preventing terrorism, but is instead an end being achieved under the cover of fighting terrorism.

Remember, Terrorism is an end to a means for the terrorists, and the governments 'fighting' it.

Think the war in Iraq was about Sept 11 or WMD? Think again. It was because defense contractors have well placed connections. For corporations, your life is only worth what they can get out of it. If they can sell military ordinance by getting your children killed in Iraq, so be it. Their gods are money and power, not the ones your Priest, Rabbi, Cleric, Circle Leader or anything else are telling you about. If you think I'm being paranoid, just look up corporate environmental management. Hell, just look up what Coca-Cola is doing in India.

Human life is just another natural resource for corporations. Nothing more."