Emachine fiasco

Recently we got an Emachines at Best Buy Model T2***. Very nice, extremely happy with it.

After a few days it died. No big deal as it happens and we are having electrical problems anyways. So Emachines says they will fix it for free (of course) and they were very, very nice about it too. They were even going to send me a bunch of parts to swap around and find out what it was (I declined in-home service, we've got dogs and I don't want to clean for a repair man, and worry about him/her being worried about them).

So, like I said, no biggie. Actually Emachines was great. They were happy to do anything that we wanted, even though it wasn't their fault. So I said "we'll just take it to BustBuy". The support tech said, "Go ahead, just don't pay anything for repairs because it's under warranty."

Then it starts... my mother took the machine back to BestBuy and they said it would take 4 weeks to get it back. Then they said "we won't fix that, it's too new" (!?) Oh well. Fine we were just going to replace it but we couldn't. They were out and our only option was to drive (ourselves) 1hr to the next BustBuy that had it. Apparently unlike every other store Bust/BestBuy doesn't have store-to-store delivery. Well, that's just stupid - and I know I'm not the first to not believe that or to bitch about it.

Fine... we said, keep it and don't give us another - give us the cash. Shit, we could have bought it direct for the same exact price. Well, well. BestBuy says "that will be 15% restocking fee off your refund". HA! You aren't going to restock it - you are going to return it to Emachines to get it fixed - they aren't going to sell a dead PC! (mobo or cpu ... or power supply problem) I could see if we were returning it for no reason but we wanted it fixed. Oh, btw Bust Buy does warranty work - and they don't fix new computers!

It was a mess and it turns out that if you pay in cash you have to wait for a check to come in the mail for a refund.

So, the result? Is it the people. Well yes and no. BustBuy's managers were the worst and no one in their PC sales dept. knows one thing about computers... at all. The other problem is they have the worst policies.

let's not forget that they sell and support "copy-protected" CD's and sell hardware mp3 players etc. (As well as DVD-X-Copy etc... blank CD's, CD-RW's, DVD-/+RW's and other shit. their ownership is mangled with a copy protection scheme company.)


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