Red Alert 2 Maps | Volrath's Castle

Red Alert 2 Maps | Volrath's Castle

This site is pretty cool, they have great Red Alert 2 Maps. They have a high ranking in google (they are high on the list of a basic search) and that usually means a lot of sites link to them - so I figured why not me?

I notice that often in search of maps for this great game you find sites with mild to boring maps or the site gives you the big 404. This site should stick around, and if you could contribute to the map collection with your own creations. I've tinkered around with some map creation on RA2, but I never submitted one anywhere. I should have because making a fun map isn't difficult.

This comes from a players point of view, who like both on-line and off-line multiplayer games (skirmish is fun with a few Brutal Enemies, they can be especially powerful and can take buildings down easily setting you back). I think there are just a few things to focus on first before adding eye-candy or shock to your map.

First: Do you have any extra skills to bring to the table? If not don't worry - a good map can be made using the basic set of items. But if you can create and insert sounds or extra graphics that would spice up this game a lot. These things are cool because they will take the game further - although in my mind it will likely be played for a long time.

Second: There should be enough, but not too much space. There should be different areas if possible on a two player map and equal bases and other areas in maps with 3 or more players. Using a larger map, although not recommended by Final Alert 2, will make it easy for players to stake certain areas out, control more areas of the map and create pinch points. Which moves me onto the next item.

Third: The map shouldn't always be the same. By this I mean the bases have plenty of ore and there is basically a straight path between the two bases. Create some points where no one can get around without going a distance or taking a hill. Make air support essential or aircraft carriers less affective by blocking areas or making them harder to penetrate without taking losses. Basically buildings aren't enough, make the teams go around a ledge and maybe two entry points into the middle area or something. Be creative and think about how to make moving your troops a challenge.

Fourth: Play the map. Of course you will play against the computer or something but I mean play against some humans or have someone play while you watch - observe an on-line game and see where things work, don't work and where the loopholes are. Use aligators or something to block a passway.

It isn't hard to make a good RA 2 map. Mods, I know nothing about so you are on your own. There is one I'm using now, Deezire I belive (sorry I'm writing this from Linux).

Basically - The site above has got some gems that I've played quite a few times.


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