Solar System Geometry - A case for Intelligent Design

Solar System Geometry - A case for Intelligent Design

Intellegent Design? No - It's Divine Design of the Solar System.

I don't know - check it out. I'm into different ideas. But for the record: I'm Jewish. I know that many people around me don't like it or don't understand why I want to belive this way but I can't believe any other way. I guess I'm just meant to believe that way?

I belive in both evolution and creation and I don't have a problem with it. How could I? I have no real way of understanding the true way in which the creator and controller works. Who am I to say they are mutually exclusive? I can't and really that isn't so bad. God is a idea that I can't even grasp because I truely don't think it is in my power - it would be to understand the whole universe and it's workings and that isn't possible either.

Really this leaves me no choice in saying no one is wrong - how am I to know that God doesn't have a greater plan than our difference in vision or opinion. We all see things differently and many times I see people who agree disagree about the details. They say the devil is in the details, and I say that isn't true. God is in the details, and that is what we fight over. And naturally - we don't understand it.

I guess I believe God has selected some people (the people I'm thinking of aren't living althought how am I to know anything, againg) - those people are right and we are all at a loss to fill in those details about God. The people who have a real connection don't ask questions, they are blessed and feel it. There is only what is left from that emotion and touch of knowledge today. We try to grasp it and hold it but it isn't ours.

We must all find our own way.


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