More anger.

Maybe this blog will be all rants?

Any ways I found this doing a regular search and was immediately angry at a few things.

First, why is it people have to hate something or think it doesn't have a place in this world because they disagree.

This is their, the Parents Television Council, thought of "Will & Grace"

This sitcom about an unusual best-friends combination -- a straight woman and a gay man -- serves up large amounts of both hetero- and homosexual humor. Concerning the latter, most notable are the numerous wisecracks about the sex life of Will's flamboyant gay friend Jack. For example, when Jack complains that he "can't pee in public bathrooms," Will wonders, "Why not? You do everything else in them." In another episode, a lap dance from a female stripper arouses Jack, a response that worries him until he learns the stripper is a transsexual-in-the-making who, not yet having had all the necessary surgery, remains, for the time being, male from the waist down. "Thank God!" Jack exclaims. "I'm still gayer than Christmas!"

The only thing I see here, besides a complete misunderstanding of kids vs. adult TV is that if you are gay you must be anti-family. Oh, and if you say anything about religion then you must have a problem with families also. [My problem with this page isn't that they are "pro-censorship" as some would understand. In fact I think that parents ought to educate each other and themselves instead of going after us responsible adults. My fear is always that they will galvanize their voice to in fact censor a great deal of things.]

And this is the problem today. If you are a firefighters you are a hero no matter what. Well, a local firemen shot a black kid with a BB Gun - racist act indeed. If you are gay you hate the family structure. If you don't believe in Jesus you are against morals.

Whatever it is, it's non-sense. That site actually is praising shows like Joan of Arcadia and networks like CBS (which aired a show, the one about a possible Jesus-child) as family friendly. Who's family? Personally I like that show Joan of Arcadia but my religious beliefs aren't the same as that supposed 94% who all agree 100%. I, in a way, am offended at the show because I don't know who is behind it and what their total message is.

A Catholic, Christian, Muslim and Jew (me) could all agree on a belief in/of one god. But we will never agree on anything else.

Even Catholics and Christians don't agree and their names are interchangeable regardless of what people say. [Catholic, spelled catholic means " Of or relating to the universal Christian church", Christians, spelled christian means "Professing belief in Jesus as Christ or following the religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus." Basically, if they agreed we could drop this capital letter shit.]

Is the message of a show like Joan of Arcadia to believe in christianity? Because if it is it is definitely against what I would like my family to believe. And the show about a Jesus-child (his child) would only help an argument against that good moral christianity.

It's like being a liberal (look up catholic, you'll be surprised when you see it means liberal). Being a "liberal" means you are against terrorists and whatever... It's dumb.

But this leads me to my main point. You are either on our side or not and we will do everything in our power to keep you on that side so we can kill you. This is the way of all things, because memes spread faster than genes we are meme factories. Read the best book, IMHO, The Lucifer Principle to get a better understanding of why we do this to each other so much.

And what side are you on? Are you a Christian? Because if so there is a list of things which you aren't allowed to do. In many ways today's Christian leaders (the president being among this group) are the Pharisees of yesterday... Funny how that whole story of why Jesus even came is being repeated but with Christians and not Jews? Hrmmm... Seems like the story holds little water when you get deeper into it.

So I'm going to start a new post...


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