I've been thinking lately about something that is needed in the computer world. We have task schedulers, cron jobs, and much more... but there really isn't a system that lets me set it and forget it. I want something that will let me interface with programs and have them complete seperate tasks... not only amongst themselves, but let other apps know when it's ready, or ok to move such files. Sure, I could use something like Visual Basic to do something like this in windows, or some sort of scripting elsewhere. I guess I'm asking, no calling for a way to open up the human interface and allow for some away time. My pc isn't the best but it's truely powerful in today's world. I can make it do lots of stuff, let me be able to say: download this file, install the software, run defrag, burn this cd, delete temp files, wait....a

Well, I guess I'll have to lay it out better. I'm just saying we should ask for the questions the install asks us up front so we can have the PC fill in the blanks. But it should be open, so all programs can be `stacked` if you will.