Windows Catalog PC Buyer?�€™s Guide: Results

Windows Catalog PC Buyer’s Guide: Results

Something tells me this isn't going to work, but what the heck.

Okay.. it did post. I went to Microsoft's (yes the evil ones) site and said I want these things... blah blah blah.

I hope that this link will bring it back up because I actually like these results.

Sitting in class...

I hope this gets posted because sometimes we get 'unplugged'!
Cool class, good teacher - network protocols. Basically a beginner course that teaches topology and that stuff. So far we've covered the OSI Model, and other junk. I pretty much got that down pat and currently I'm working on understanding IP Subnetting - both custom and default masks. Makes sense. The teacher says that it's pretty hard to understand or to implement, basically it's for another course but really it's just that not everyone will get that stuff this early in the game.
I get so excited in these classes because I think of all the cool stuff that I can do some day. For a lot of people the design of a network is like Hob carrying! It seems that layout, topology and then service design is the coolest part. I tend to like the logical side and not the physical sometimes. I want to design topology - yet I don't want to worry about cable and that mess. I hate electronics - why? Why does anyone hate anything? Because I don't understand it.
Ok, let's find another topic. What is wrong with the Cincinnati Reds? They just crushed their team. I know people will say "Yoshi! We need pitching!". But the pitchers can't play every position on the field, they don't usually swing a big stick either.
So we trade one hell of a guy Jose Guillen