Generally I like to type things for my blog at blogger, but I figured since I've got this computer here and it doesn't have anything on it except WindowsNT 4.0, SuSe 7.0, and Windows 2000 - and no Internet access I could do this instead.
I don't know how long though, my monitor keeps just going off by itself after making some crackling noise. Can't really be good, but I figure that it ain't bad because everything else here is just thrown in and together. It's just a tear down system. It looks pretty torn down too! There is a CD-ROM and a hard drive just sitting here outside the case on some books, which I'll need for school Friday!
Well - actually I've been typing for less than one minute but this monitor has gone off three times so I'll just save this entry and pick it up later...
TYPED: Wednesday, August 13, 2003 03:48:27 AM
Adios Muchachos!