Emachine fiasco

Recently we got an Emachines at Best Buy Model T2***. Very nice, extremely happy with it.

After a few days it died. No big deal as it happens and we are having electrical problems anyways. So Emachines says they will fix it for free (of course) and they were very, very nice about it too. They were even going to send me a bunch of parts to swap around and find out what it was (I declined in-home service, we've got dogs and I don't want to clean for a repair man, and worry about him/her being worried about them).

So, like I said, no biggie. Actually Emachines was great. They were happy to do anything that we wanted, even though it wasn't their fault. So I said "we'll just take it to BustBuy". The support tech said, "Go ahead, just don't pay anything for repairs because it's under warranty."

Then it starts... my mother took the machine back to BestBuy and they said it would take 4 weeks to get it back. Then they said "we won't fix that, it's too new" (!?) Oh well. Fine we were just going to replace it but we couldn't. They were out and our only option was to drive (ourselves) 1hr to the next BustBuy that had it. Apparently unlike every other store Bust/BestBuy doesn't have store-to-store delivery. Well, that's just stupid - and I know I'm not the first to not believe that or to bitch about it.

Fine... we said, keep it and don't give us another - give us the cash. Shit, we could have bought it direct for the same exact price. Well, well. BestBuy says "that will be 15% restocking fee off your refund". HA! You aren't going to restock it - you are going to return it to Emachines to get it fixed - they aren't going to sell a dead PC! (mobo or cpu ... or power supply problem) I could see if we were returning it for no reason but we wanted it fixed. Oh, btw Bust Buy does warranty work - and they don't fix new computers!

It was a mess and it turns out that if you pay in cash you have to wait for a check to come in the mail for a refund.

So, the result? Is it the people. Well yes and no. BustBuy's managers were the worst and no one in their PC sales dept. knows one thing about computers... at all. The other problem is they have the worst policies.

let's not forget that they sell and support "copy-protected" CD's and sell hardware mp3 players etc. (As well as DVD-X-Copy etc... blank CD's, CD-RW's, DVD-/+RW's and other shit. their ownership is mangled with a copy protection scheme company.)

How did blood libel get into the Arab world anyway?

The question is why did they believe it?

They know that we are forbidden to consume blood, the life force of the body.

This may help: (this site, more history on blood libel cases)

"In a famous case in Damascus, Syria, in 1840, a Christian monk disappeared. The French consul confided to the Syrian authorities that a Jew was probably responsible for the crime and that the innocent monk had probably been murdered as part of a religious ceremony. Many Jews were arrested and tortured, and more than sixty Jewish children were held hostage to coerce the confession of their parents. Prominent Jews around the world, including Sir Moses Montefiore, lodged horrified protests, and ultimately, except for two who died and others who were permanently disabled, the Jews were spared. Nevertheless, the incident introduced the blood libel to the Arab world, where it has maintained credence ever since.

The blood libel has stubbornly persisted into modern times, gaining new impetus from the anti-Semitic propaganda of Nazi Germany. It has even reared its ugly head in the United States. But it is in Russia that this medieval canard found its most comfortable home during the last two centuries. "

Blood Libel Quote:

From this page: The Making of a Martyr
"Ironically, the precursor of the blood libel was not directed at the Jews but at the early Christians. At the time, the Christians were a breakaway Jewish sect whose rapid growth was threatening the stability of the Roman Empire. Christian theology was so filled with anthropomorphic references and rites that the Romans accused the early Christians of murdering their own children in order to use their blood for ritual purposes. This charge swept through the Roman Empire and gained widespread credibility among the citizenry. After their own conversion to Christianity, the blood accusation lay dormant for centuries, but when the European Christian societies sought to oppress the Jews, who were flourishing and prospering in their midst, the accusation was resuscitated, embellished and directed at the Jewish people. Since the Jews were blamed for murdering the Christian savior, whose last meal before his crucifixion had been the Passover seder, the allegation contended that every Passover the Jews re-enacted this crucifixion with yet another innocent Christian victim. The original victims of the accusation had become the accusers of a new victim.

Lovely Humor/Rant

Bush Quotes!


You know I recently watched Bowling For Columbine and I'm not too sure what to think. I guess that it's really got me going because nine out of ten conversations end up being about that movie.

It really made me think, but is it all true? Was the NRA started because the KKK was now illegal? I really can't find anything that would back this up, yet I could and do argue that many NRA members are all for killing anyone besides other "NRA" members. It's a hard thing to talk about for most people. Many just believe a certain thing. I do too, I guess, but I also bring in new ideas all the time.

You see I'm, ah, Judaic (I think I just made that up, Jewish in faith - my mother's, mother too but that isn't as important to me) - yet I see the Islamic faith and think that there really isn't all that much different than my own. Truthfully I don't know why we are fighting each other, we should be on the same side.

Ok, not to get off onto a rant here, but it just seems that the old medival "antisemetism" is now gotten into and infected the Arab world. What is really a shame is that we have so much respect for Arab and Moslem peoples that it shouldn't be that way. In fact the word antisemetism is essential just as against them (Arabs) as us. Problem is I guess that the word was made up about us and we aren't the only semetic people. Shit, the guy that came up with that word is a German who in all reality wasn't even talking about semites. He was talking about Germanic Jewry - Eastern European Jews from Europe.

Why have this antisemetism in the Arab world? It's a crime that the things that English, German and French Christians said about us and all that (Blood Libel, Protocols For The Learned Elders of Zion) is infected the entire world. I could see why they want to blame us for every damn thing that happens - but now everyone is buying this load of *crap*.

"The Protocols" is based on Machiavelli! Far from Jewish to me.

I don't know. Sometimes I think the greatest trick pulled on the world is far beyond what the Jews could do because Christianity has destroyed the good in many people. It's a mess, what will we ever do? Many don't even believe that Jesus ever existed, whether the story is close to true or not. Some believe it's 100% fabrication - not just changing an old story either.

I would rather we all be happy! Read "The Lucifer Principle" by Howard Bloom, good book.

"Am I my brothers keeper?"

Well yes! This is the first moral lesson in the Christian Bible yet they don't take care of anyone (yeah, there are those organizations but how much money from everyday Christians goes there? I help everyone I can when I can because I know it's mandatory in order to be called a human)

"If we don't succeed, we run the risk of failure."

....George W. Bush

What A Rant!