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Sounds good, I'm a gin drinker.

Problem is he says "6 oz Gin or Vodka" whereas Vodka isn't in a Martini... just Gin! Other problem: "Ice (cubes will work, crushed is better)" Problem here is that cubes will not work for the "perfect" martini. Cubes don't make that wonderful cloud in the beverage... what allows it to "cool off" or become watered down and cool. You need the cloud because it will let you take the beverage down faster... always insist on a cloud.

If a bartender makes you a "Vodka Martini" or gives you a martini without that cloud send it back! It's not what you ordered. Martinis are good when made right. When wrong it's gin poorly mixed with other liquids.

Bombay, Tanqueray.... mmmm. No vodka's, no flavor, no good. Gin made from the finest flavors, spices and juniper bushes - lovely.

RedHat 9 Security Holes

I don't know if I want to defend this or not... I can't find anything good.

This is the best I could find. Supposedly there are a shit load of holes... my teacher says there are 1000's. Of course he is the Windows teacher, seems a bit insecure (him, not his OS).

Like the article says... no OS is perfect from the factory. Still, every RedHat machine isn't going down at once. We got our Dell out of the box and that day it had the msblaster.exe! Shut us off the net and Windows Update was *empty*.

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Crazy Sheriff!

Martin (county?) Florida.

Found the address actually because there is supposed to be a GWebCache hosted there... trying to catch someone?

Not Found
The requested URL /gcache.php was not found on this server.

Apache/1.3.27 Server at www.sheriff.martin.fl.us Port 80

Update: The reason I posted this is all the God talk. I'm afraid of anyone in law enforcement who pushes his religion and talk radio radicals - especially the ones who want to just get rid of anyone which is non-white.

Fuck the white people.