Many Crazy Thoughts, Rants and Critiques

First off, I'm bored watching "Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey" - now I think, would the cable company know this and then that would connect me to this blog... (not that I want to be an anonymous spirit - no, I want to be anonymous to people who may think that I'm one way, in which I'm another because you have to do that in American society.)

That's a good start. What is it like to live in America? Currently my whole Internet experience is based on sites owned or hosted by Google! By browser has Google built into it because it's the de facto standard. Apple has the iPod, another product which on its own is taking off. It has now become a product which is becoming something we judge everything by.

It's official: About 20 minutes into the movie (Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey), Keanu's spit is way bigger than his co-star's.
The scene: They are looking down into the real Bill & Ted's death and they spit on them after gathering quite a large load of phlem. Afterward the scene evolves into death standing with the real Bill & Ted.

Bill & Ted Rant

They reference a movie which is revered and trash it; The Exorcist "One and Three". The reference was written, I assume, with the intention of saying they violate rules of sequals because they use the same idea twice, yet not in all the movies. They want to point that out, which is funny considering the status given to this movie.

This is just a point. This movie at this point, which is now where they say "this is" like(?) "our own personal hell" - is pretty good. There are small problems throught out but it isn't that bad overall. It's another genre; like "Dude Where's My Car" it's a movie about a pair of guys (not to sound sexist) which aren't that smart but still win and do so through an impossible situation.

Furthermore, this scene with them talking to God reveals another part of their character. They are so simple, not dumb, that they are true of heart. The character is almost classic, it is just different in the sense that this one is so "dumb". People see them as that, and those are the true simple ones, but they are true and they do the right thing at every point. Although if necessary they will do something bad to get to the overall good outcome needed to save humanity.

Now, at this point I see another thing. They just put too much into this movie. I mean that - they put in too many effects and too much "flash" or something that tries to impress our audience. But really the story is real. This isn't a bullshit movie, none really are. I guess there are some which are made to just bring in money and they do everything they can to do so, but some heart and soul has to be put into the writing. It may not always come out to be the best work, that is why I can't dismiss every movie or every actor.

No more Bill & Ted! I'm focusing on this blog right now. To contine the above rant about the life in America, I really don't want to get into something philosophical at this point. Actually I want to talk about Google and Apple. They could be good friends, then again many Internet/Computer companies could be better friends.

Apple is known to be a classic company in the computer business and I believe they would never die even if they were to do something along the lines of Enron accounting or something. Some rich computer geek would buy the company for the sentimental value. I'm not kidding. There products are sleek and many times somewhat revolutionary. With there new computer they have really showed us how computers can be built. There is a great potential to do great things with computers and Apple may just take us there through their introductions.

The iPod is becoming a cultural icon and I don't know if anyone realizes it. There isn't anyone around to talk about these things. Google is doing the same thing. We just assume to go to Google with anything we want or need. If it's a project for school or simple reading, maybe a place to brainstorm into web surfing. Google is talked about by anyone who is a power Internet user. It will stay that way IMHO as long as it doesn't become bulky and graphics intensive. There is no reason for it, no need for it. In fact eBay is hard to surf when looking in popular catagories with lots of pictures on broadband.

Google is nice and clean and is doing a lot to change things - this is what sets Apple and Google apart from the rest. Everything I'm doing at this point is about Google - and it isn't really known and it really isn't bogging me down. Blogger - Google's! I've got three Google searches open in Firbird, which includes Google search in it's toolbar. There are two other sites in Firebird tabs which hold sites which are fetched from Google. It is a centerpiece to my Internet experince and I'm not really aware of it until the present.

I actually was looking at their site and came up with a good idea. Their WebAPI's look like a cool way to search for and find pictures for a screen saver - like one often included with Xscreensaver. I want a screen saver that informs me by searching google, using date arguments that would find the latest pictures from the sites listed in GoogleNews. Someone should make this and sell it before I do it myself. The client though should respect the Internet at large and they should limit the download speed or delay searches and downloads to save the servers. It sounds bad because it would just download for no reason but maybe you could use p2p!

That isn't a bad idea. Use the web (listening google?) to find then p2p to syndicate pictures which reflect society or news or sports or whatever today. Maybe have certain keywords which you can specify or catagories; maybe you don't want all sports, just baseball. The website gives you a hash code and then your client/screen saver then locates the file and downloads it from an idle station. Considering the small size of the images (usually) there doesn't need to be a lot of transfers per second or minute. Now this is where Google gets with Apple.

Apple has the music store. They then take that music store and put it with an Apple client which protects IP and is p2p, gnutella based. Put that p2p service, in the core of the OS - bsd coding which then goes into the Linux development cycle and then is based in two platforms. The Apple controlled client part of this two part service (servlet in the OS/client in the application layers) will be the filtering factor for this service. The burden is then placed on the RIAA et. al. when deciding what files shouldn't be allowed. The content will be encrypted and only able to be decrypted with a license from their "music store". Then develop versions for Windows and other OS's which do not use a common or open framework.

This new p2p network is by default built into the G5, or OSX really. It supports iTunes etc which will draw content from there and there will be a chance to publish your own personal works by simply clicking "share". Then you can either distribute the hash key or you could publish it to the web. Either way it (your artwork) can be found via searching - your file will spread and be on multiple machines which makes it easier to stumble upon. Providing more services is key and allowing for anything Internet (including new applications) to use this new "undernet" to find and retrieve content. I'd much rather keep my connection local and fast keeping the entire Internet in a healthy condition.

The screen saver is a good idea, but so is content which is syndicated through Google. Go to google and searh for a site or search with some keywords and retrieve the website with this p2p network. This "undernet" will be silent in the background serving and downloading - the content's hash key goes in the client's search and then is displayed in your browser or helper application. This service could provide data for anything and should support swarming and partial file sharing. The Google search can either only search syndicated pages or it can display all results with an alternate "G2G" (Google2Gnutella) link. But how does it know that the content is syndicated? Google when crawling creates the hash code and then stores it - if you request G2G and it doesn't exist you then can download the page and then it's hash is compared with Google's. Then Google will either listed as syndicated or not. At this point we almost have a working system.

If Google created a good algorithm for finding ??AA owned content it could then provide a safety net for anyone wishing to keep it's IP safe. Not that I completely agree with the RIAA or MPAA - it's just that they shouldn't hold all the cards and all the power.

I don't know... I'm tired and it's now 10 o'clock and I've been at this since 7:31!

I'm going to go. You find that I won't finish one idea. And on top of that they are usually the same. The thing is though I kind of want to make this blog a roadmap to my ideas. If I write enough little thoughts about big ideas maybe they will take root and work at some point in someone's lifetime and make things better or whatever they shall do.

So I'll leave you with a link, which is going to be added to the sidebar to the right before I even read about it!

The Fortune Society

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