Gone for a while?

I know that I've been gone for a while, and I plan to upload some texts that I worked on at some point... but I'm so behind in regular life that I don't know what I'm doing from one second to the next.

I barely can keep up with news today... It's pathetic. Oh well.

But I will survive. I'm trying to come up with some human/computer learning ideas. I saw something lately about an IBM technology that will search the Internet and grab bits of data and them compare them. I wish I could find this again... in fact, I'm going in search of it now.

But while I do that learn something yourself: John Gilmore's Homepage (Required Reading for All Internet Users. Why? Dammit, because I agree with most of it!)

Other links of note (if you don't want to visit the above page but like some goodies):

Gilmore vs. Ashcroft

Fly within our country without a credit check.

Don't Spy on Us! (Name says it all!)

DOC Crew (Find our yourself)

A site I disagree with most of the time: What Really Happened.com . I'll just report you deci... sorry no lawsuit for me.

A funny disclaimer from a "news" site. Found at the bottom of a very anti-semetic article.

Now, I'm all for Bush-Bashing, but this isn't news. To be fair, it's an editorial in every sense of the word. We may know some facts, but we can't say what Bush's intentions are with 100% accuracy. If we could, he would be the governer of Texas.

Bill O'Reilly interview doesn't go so well. Apparently he's only concerned about money. Attack anything else, he maybe fine, but go after book sales and all bets are off.

I thought all Christians like Bush?

NWO Watcher? Paranoid? You Deci... ah Choose!

Well, that's all I've got for now. I'm going to read a bunch and hope for some wisdom to come out onto this page.