I really don't know

and god put out his hand and in it was the key to heaven. the young man tried to grab it but it was too late and god punished this man for trying to take the key. god then put his hand out again and a woman came forth and asked god for this magical key which would unlock the secrets held only in heaven and he gave it to her, and it was her whom he selected to start the world. he said unto her, before your name was geola, now you will be known to the world as jaya, which means the world in the voice of god. his ideas were good, and her creations flourished until the day of suffering when all men revolted against the woman because her choice to give each creature a choice of their cause. the leaders of this revolt were held and reformed and their purpose was taken away from them and they stayed in the world for one hundred years alone. Then Jaya, who charmed the lord, performed a miracle that was learned. She regrew the world full of items of purpose and gave them to the ones who were left. Today those creatures are left and everything else still has a purpose... do you?