Snipped from another website, "Answering Islam"

Should just be called "We are right".

Anyways... while doing all this research I find myself getting more and more angry at these silly Jesusites. Read the following story from their site and remember two things: "Gipsy" refers to an ethnic class which was treated worse than Jews in central and eastern Europe as well as Russia. Anyone saying I've been "gypped" [however you want to spell it] is basically using an ethnic/racial slur. Second, the Gipsy people, Roma as they should be known are 99% of the time either Christian or Moslem - no matter what they believe in a religion after 1 A.D. [NOTE: When I say 99% I mean I don't believe there are Shinto Roma or Hindu Roma, for example.]

So, either this is supposed to be funny (isn't), inspirational (tepid), or mean. Just read it and see if you notice a problem.

A couple of hundred years ago a certain Austrian painter was commissioned to paint a picture of the crucifixion. He had composed the scene and had selected and painted all the models. Only one white space was still open on his canvas. It was kept for Mary Magdalene. She was a prostitute who had been forgiven by Jesus and had become one of his devoted followers. The painter just could not find the right model. Walking through Vienna one day, he was struck by the features of a Gipsy woman. That was his ‘missing person’! She agreed to sit for him as a model and he took her to the studio where the painting was waiting to be completed.

The woman looked contemplatively at the painting, and then said:

“That man on the cross must have been a horrible criminal to deserve such a punishment like this”.

“No,” replied the painter, “On the contrary. He was a very good man indeed!”

“But why then did the people kill him?” the Gipsy inquired.

The painter explained: “He actually died for the sins that we have committed”.

“For yours as well?” the girl asked after a thoughtful silence.

“Yes”, replied the artist truthfully.

“Then you must love him very much indeed”,

concluded the ignorant Gipsy.

Okay, being on of our first modern ethnic cleansing victims we should treat the Roma with a little more respect. Secondly notice that only a "gipsy" could be a model for the whore Mary Magdalene - I bet the early version had others in there or later versions using Communists - whatever. And lastly she is labeled outright as 'ignorant'. Of Christ? Not likely considering she was either a Christian Roma or Moslem Roma, huh?

But why does this take place in Austria? Aryan reasons I'm sure.. he he. Now that I think of it saying this woman was ignorant, especially on matters of her religion, is wrong for two reasons. First as mentioned above she is either supposed to be plain dumb or ignorant of Christ, either way some asshole decided she was dumb. Secondly if many Roma are or come from Moslem/Islamic roots - why would you say such a thing on your page to followers of Islam.

Islamic husband from the newly 'liberated' Afghanistan: "Hey honey, this guy is really getting me hooked on this Christian thing. I'm glad the Americans allow us on the Internet"

Wife: "Be careful dear, the Taliban maybe back tommarow"

Husband: "Don't worry, it says here that... wait a minute."

Wife: "What is it honey."

Husband: "It says here that your Roma cousin [note: we'll say she's a Turk] is an ignorant whore"

Wife: "And this is a religious website? The taliban treated us better."