Favorite App.... dead thanks to SP2

Sometimes I like to sit back and put a directory of pictures on a slideshow.

My favorite application for doing so is VistaPerfect. Actually it isn't an application at all. VistaPerfect uses Internet Explorer (boo!) to display the images and Javascript to rotate the them. This is usually the only time I ever use Internet Explorer. Works great though, better than Windows XP's own "Picture and Fax Viewer", loads the images faster too.

Caveat! After installing Windows XP's Service Pack 2 (SP2) VistaPerfect is now dead.

Good job Microsoft. Too bad it's already installed. Too bad it won't uninstall because SP2 blocks the ability to run the removal script.

Shame. VistaPerfect is cool because it can be run by typing "vp:run" from any browser or the command line. (I assume it registers "vp" as a protocol).

Good news though: VistaPerfect will still run on Windows 2000 and Windows 9x, download it today!


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