Best Buy Stores sued by the State of Ohio

Good! I read this story on slashdot first. Good thing someone is finally stepping up to these bastards.

This here is the official Attorney General press release. In the press release it says:

The lawsuit alleges that Best Buy engaged in a pattern of unfair and deceptive acts and practices. The Attorney General’s Office received hundreds of consumer complaints during the last few years with the highest concentration of complaints alleging, among other things, that Best Buy repackaged used goods and sold them as new, failed to honor rebates, failed to honor refund and exchange programs, and failed to honor extended service contracts.

What I don't see mentioned is the fact that they don't actually follow up on their promise to send you coupons when you sign up for their reward program.

We bought about $300 in DVD's at Best Buy in one day. Spending spree you know. Well, they asked us if we wanted to join their reward program. Sure, costs like 10 or 15 bucks, and after spending 300 smackers that isn't much.

They salesman/cashier told us that in a few weeks we'd get a gift certificate for more than what the price of the reward membership cost. Sounded good... but we never actually got anything. Nothing.

And you wonder why I wouldn't go back there (for anything).

BTW: don't try to buy a television there. They supposedly don't work on commission, right? Well they don't act like it because when looking at LCD-HDTV's a salesman walked by and remarked, loudly, to the other salesman: "I just don't know about those LCD's, they have lots of problems." Then the guy just laughed out loud. I really wanted to punch the guy in the mouth. I was just checking out the prices, features and what-not. He just wanted to get me on the plasma bandwagon. Thing is, in school just before that I did a report on CRT vs LCD vs Plasma. They all have shortcomings, they all have strenghts. What really got to me though is the fact that he was actually laughing. Well, I don't know about buying things at Best Buy then. My mother learned her lesson when she bought a computer there and it caught fire after only a few days. I won't say the brand because I think it was their fault. But on return they didn't have one to exchange, wouldn't fix it in their "authorized" repair center, and couldn't get another of that model in the store.