Why September the 11th?

Perhaps we will never know why the terrorists picked September the eleventh. When those events took place I noticed right away a few things that seemed odd. Manhattan Island, where the World Trade Center stood, was discovered on that day. Before we knew exactly who attacked us I speculated (to myself) that it might have been an American Indian group who was getting revenge for turning Manhattan Island into a concrete spectacle. Really, I wouldn't blame them if they did. But of course they did attack Washington D.C. as well so that theory wouldn't hold water, unless they decided to make a broad connection between the two. Like I said, this was before we knew who hijacked those planes.

As I was browsing wikipedia today though I noticed something weird. Coptic Christianity, which has its roots in Egypt, uses a different calender than the calender we use today (as people of the western world). On September 11 they celebrate the The Nayrouz Feast which marks their new year. That is right, the Coptic Calender uses September 11 as the new year. Interestingly the calender itself also uses A.M. instead of A.D. for naming the years. What does A.M. stand for?

A.M., in the coptic calender means anno martyrum or year of the martyr! Is Osama a moeslem or christian? Were those dark skinned men actually followers of Islam or an eastern christian church? What was on the attackers minds?

Other things form September 11th's history?


Maybe they meant to attack September 10th?

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