Cheney the Liar (RNC Speech/Kerry Defense Record)

Cheney went on and on about Kerry and how he is some how soft on defense.

But isn't it Cheney who is soft on defense except when his past company gets to provide everything for the war?

Look at what Cheney said last night:

"Senator Kerry opposed Ronald Reagan's major defense initiatives that brought victory in the Cold War"
--Dick Cheney

But in 1990 when he was Secretary of Defense look at what he TESTIFIED to:

"[I] cut almost $65 billion out of the five-year defense program"

he would later; "take another $167 billion out."

"we're recommending base closures,"

"we're talking about force structure cuts"

"we've got a military construction freeze"

So, then he was against defense spending, to the point where he closed bases. What a freaking liar? Liar, liar, liar, liar!!!!

In June of this year Cheney said:

"during the decisive years of the Cold War, I saw the conviction and the moral courage of Ronald Reagan"

Don't belive me, get it from the horses mouth: Whitehouse.gov (direct link to Cheney's comments).

It's sick... Kerry is the flip-flopper? It has been said over and over that Cheney didn't like Reagan and his defense spending... how can he now lie and tell the world that he was with him. Even worse he says Kerry can't be the commander and cheif?

Cheney dodge the draft, not once, not twice... but five times total!

Look at this guy's record.