Fitting Quote For Bush...

After 9/11 and even after the begining of the war in Iraq, people loved to wave their flags:

The less a statesman amounts to, the more he loves the flag.
-- Kin Hubbard

I guess, to me it means that the more a politician fails he likes to quote the "Good Book" and hold up a flag. The people in the Senate and House need to ashamed of themselves, they've given the President everything he wanted and he's given us nothing in return. It's true, they never even stood up for citizens who may have had their rights removed from them in the 2000 election. This President is a phoney, simple as that.

Bush is a simple man, a man too simple to raise this great country out of the ashes. We've moved on but the President has not. He lives in 2001 and 1991, he doesn't look at the big picture. What has this President done in the past four years to improve your life? Has he made you safer? Or... has this President worked hard to create new terrorists that can strike us at home and abroad? There was no threat in Iraq until the U.S. Military was sent there without reason. We've created the terrorists there.

Bush, the flip-flopper. He tells you to go out and spend money, advice from a man who the Securities & Exchange Commission investigated. The next minute he wants you to believe that Iraq is a threat. So looming a threat that we must INVADE her. Sure, she (Iraq) is not a democratic country but neither is Saudi Arabia, Cuba, and many others that it would be in America's best interest to "convert". Cuba is not far away at all, and someone said to me that is where we should have started. Not a bad point.

At first Bush flip-flopped and said that we were looking for WMD, but that wasn't true. There are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. There are in North Korea, but let's ignore that for now shall we? We've ignored that fact for 4 years! Let's keep on thinking that the real bad guys will never get us, let's forget we already went to war with those 'fellas'. Bush flip-flopped big time when he told us that we should attack Iraq because they are the ones who tried to kill his father. Big deal to the American taxpayer. Why should we, now, try to exact justice for an attempt on the ex-president's life? In a time of terror warnings should we really be trying to start more fights over honor?

The next Bush flip-flop makes him lose on points of logic. He tells us that we went to Iraq for the spread of democracy. We aren't attacking them, we are liberators. We aren't occupiers, we're liberators, didn't you hear? Suddenly, it was mission over and we are still lead to believe the entire mission in Iraq was over the "democracy". Why didn't we start in our own back yard? Why fight missions for the democracy of those who could influence nations with her wealth? What we should have been doing is sending troops throughout the South American lands and stopping some of the ridiculous regimes in control there. Even though we (George H. W. Bush, Ronald Reagan) set them up. Let's give the lands back to many disenfranchised people who live peacefully alone in the 'Rain Forest'.

Bush, the idea that we send troops around the world for brief "spreads" of democracy is crazy. Man, you've got to not use that excuse. Then what happens when someone really needs help, like the Sudan? How do we say that we can't help them because there is nothing (Oil) in it for us? What do we do then Mr. President?

The Saudi Royals aren't the people who voted you in and this is why you've fought this war. You've fought this war in Iraq for the men who sit atop the Saudi family. You fight for them. Iraq, you should know this. You've sent troops into Iraq in retaliation for Saddam's attack on the Saudi's and Kuwaiti's in the 1990's. We are fighting for their war. Why else do they love you? Because you protect them and everytime you can help them you also send money into their hands. Oil is needed for a war, so is a lot of other things that the Bin Laden and Saudi Royal families invest in. At one time they were on the board controlling weapons makers. It is sad to see we fought their war.

Osama is just a front for his investors. The Bin Laden family, I'm sure parts, are investing in everything that Osama is making popular. Not fear this time, but products like pepper spray for security guards and missles to shoot into Iraq and Afghanistan. This President has been duped and we've let him be duped. The Senate at least should be on this President for his obvious, questionable acts. There was never a clear commission into 9/11 set up. It was Bush who opposed any inquiry. It is wrong to think that every other large event like that would be investigated, but this wasn't worthy. Clinton and Monica got more attention than the truth did when it came to 9/11. Why doesn't he answer all of the questions? Where is Osama? Did you just let him go because he gave you the war that old James Baker told you to start. "You owe me son, I gave you this election" he must have said.

To think, he stole the last election and he thinks he will do it again. We will turn out in numbers and vote for anyone besides Bush. Republicans, vote for Nadar if you can't vote for Kerry, but please don't vote for Bush. Tell America on election day that party politics disguised as patriotism is over. We can no longer take the garbage they feed us. I can see it now, Bush will contest the election because he will get stomped. He will assert some priviledge and take the Presidency for a hijacking. He's already destroyed this country.

Lost a million jobs, on his watch,
Biggest security failure, on his watch,
More people afraid of America, on his watch,
More people hating America, on his watch,
Biggest corporate fraud in history, from a friend, on his watch,
Biggest jump in Medicare premiums, on his watch
Kept U.N. Voting Inpectors out, on his watch

The list could go on forever I'm afraid...

I got the quote from this page. Note, some are offensive.

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