Google Needs to Integrate Froogle

Froogle needs to be the money maker at Google. It is the last point before purchases, coupons or referral fees, something needs to make Google money.

But how many people are using Froogle?

When I Google the the following: digital cameras under $100, I don't get any links to Froogle in my results portion of the page. Google can understand math; and it can or should understand currency. In that case it should know that "under $100" is essentially a math issue. Take everything in front of the "under $100" and run it through Froogle under the conditions described, above $0 and below $100.

Froogle should return this result, as a link, in the above Google search page. Basically the Froogle search excludes any "digital cameras" above $100. But to put the link on the page it should have some results.

Example search: T-shirts under $10
Froogle Match: T-shirts $0 - $10
What Google Does: Before returing a result; Google searches Froogle for "T-shirts" from $0-$10. Since there is are around 30,000 results Google's normal search results page links right to it saying "Froogle Has 30,000 T-Shirts under $10"