Kuro5hin post about Cryonics

No one thinks that I'm a very insightful person so I post my other posts here to get recognition. No one comments on here though. I never get feedback in real life either, never in bed. Good or bad. I wonder what that means. Maybe I offend people and they can't talk.

Here is my post:

...good luck, seriously.

I once read that it makes sense to 'freeze' yourself because you have two options, to do it or not do it.

If you do it and it works, you live.

If you do it and it fails, you die.

If you don't do it, you die...

You chances are better. If you were completely frozen, and you couldn't dream or think - total suspension - it would be worth it. You would literally be a time traveller. If you lucid when you went in, you'd have a real crazy trip...

Really, could you imagine "waking up" two thousand years from now? I doubt it. Forget if it's a good idea or has a point, think of your options. Allowing people to do this at any time would really expand our abilites as a species. Imagine unfreezing a wise counselor or negotiator to settle the disputes of the ages...

Start with inmates, that's how America got started.


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