Eric Clapton in my head

First, I've got to say the obvious: Eric Clapton is the top musical artist of all time.

There is no comparison to Clapton in an overall artist. Even a legend like Clapton has his favorites though. For example: at a time he was considered the best guitar player in the world ("God") he seen one who he claimed was the best ever - Jimi Hendrix. Clapton however is the best, most flexible musician I know of.

And "Lay Down Sally" is the best song of all time. I think someone should write a musical with Lay Down Sally as the top dance number. Lay Down Sally was written by Marcella Detroit. It's just the best song that ever hit my ears. Go buy "Timepieces" right now, it's the best of Eric Clapton - a must have, all of the greatest tracks.


Lay Down Sally should be a musical number if it isn't already. I've already got a pretty good idea in my head.


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