It's not terrorism that should scare you!

British Police Demand Access To Encryption Keys
"I'm going to let you in on a deep, dark, dirty secret. They aren't really trying to solve the problem. Terrorism is a boon to the US and UK governments, because it gives them an excuse to push the respective nations closer to a police state.

A police state is not a consequence of misguided attempts at preventing terrorism, but is instead an end being achieved under the cover of fighting terrorism.

Remember, Terrorism is an end to a means for the terrorists, and the governments 'fighting' it.

Think the war in Iraq was about Sept 11 or WMD? Think again. It was because defense contractors have well placed connections. For corporations, your life is only worth what they can get out of it. If they can sell military ordinance by getting your children killed in Iraq, so be it. Their gods are money and power, not the ones your Priest, Rabbi, Cleric, Circle Leader or anything else are telling you about. If you think I'm being paranoid, just look up corporate environmental management. Hell, just look up what Coca-Cola is doing in India.

Human life is just another natural resource for corporations. Nothing more."


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