So bored

How many blog posts start out this way? You can't get to sleep so you feel like writing.

Well I don't.

So quickly here is a link: Psychology Today Magazine - How to Get Great Sleep

And another: Sleep Now!

Well, this isn't helping my headache much. I installed linux this weekend so maybe that has something to do with it. Actually it went pretty well - of course. I installed Overclockix 3.7 (torrent) after reading about it's release on Slashdot. Overclockix is a LiveCD based linux distribution based on the Knoppix code. After booting up the CD I clicked on "Install" from the desktop and now I've got a fully functional linux/Windows XP system. All I did before hand create a ext3 and linux swap partitions with Partition Magic, but that can be done inside Overclockix with QTParted instead.

After everything was installed I picked a new root password and used apt-get to update my system. Then I installed all the toys and was done.

You know that I might have to work tomarrow and I don't even know if I am or not? It's also 5:30 in the morning and I've not slept properly in two days. It's got to be the anxiety.

Did you know it is only 8°F where I'm at?