My car got broken into...

I was so devastated. Yesterday I got up early and headed out of the house (in my old ladies car, which she took to work about an hour later).

I went to the store and dropped almost $75 in quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies into the CoinStar machine. They took about 6 or 7 bucks, not bad so I cashed it all in. I left Kroger with a good feeling inside. The feeling only money in your pocket could make.

Everything was looking so good. Everything that I wanted to happen that day was going to happen. I was all set. After I left Kroger I went to the store for my usual run. This time I brought a two dollar lottery ticket winner with me. Why not try my luck again. After all I didn't expect for that little jar to hold $75.

I got $5 worth of lottery tickets. Using my $2 winner I spent only $3, in reality only $4 because the two dollar winner cost a buck. So $5 worth of lottery tickets, one even promised $500 a week for a year. Not bad.

I get home and sit at the dining room table. Look at the remaining change I have, a few pennies and a nickel. The nickel is from 1963, the year my mom was born.

I figured, why not. I'll use this new "lucky nickel" as I named it.

Well it worked! I won $22 on one ticket!

It was one of those types where you can win multiple times and I did just that. My "winning numbers" were 9 and 19 (I think) and I matched them 4 times! I added it all up and headed off to the store for my cheddar.

I walked in like a celebrity and got my cheese and went home.

That is when I got the bad news that some of the things I wanted to do wasn't going to happen. Well, I still had money so I figured that I was okay. I figured that I could make do, maybe go get a treat. I couldn't decide on gyros or Chinese food so I decided to just go.

I got ready, folded my stack again and got into the car. I don't remember now if I started it or not. I just remember seeing the connections hanging out.

I couldn't even grasp the sight of my missing stereo. I just flipped out.

I went right back into the house and called my old lady. She was so nice, supported everything I was saying and went along with my mood. That is what I love about her. She actually got me more fired up, she's good for that *wink*

I don't know for sure who did it. Of course I've got my eye on a few people. The worst part is that I'm almost sure that it had something to do with my next door neighbor.


I don't know what to do about the whole thing either. I don't want to bother with dealing with the damn police. I don't want to point the finger at anyone without evidence. Maybe that can be an important lesson in all of this. Either way I don't know what to do.

I think I was here when it happened. The person actually removed the dash piece that holds in the stereo. They really wanted it. Too bad it doesn't work. The CD player won't accept discs.

OMG... Now I'm jumping at everything. I just heard the wind blow up against the front door and I jumped a foot!

Last night the neighbor had someone in their driveway and someone in their back yard. I swear they were either smoking dope, playing a game boy or psp, holding a gun or not even there. My eyes and ears are playing tricks on me now.

I feel so violated, I can't even breath when I think that someone entered my vehicle and stole my radio!


I think I'll wait for everyone to go to church on Sunday and either steal stupid shit from them or I will confront everyone asking them what the fuck their deal is. How can they go to church and steal from their MOTHER FUCKING NEIGHBOR!!!!

I'm so angry but frightened at the same time.

All for the best, I got a free piece of Baklava at the Gyro place because of my tale of woe.

Maybe I just need to turn this into a way to make me a better person.