Next Week's Matchups
(Week 8, starts 5pm PST Sunday May 08, 2005)

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ImaLamerOpponent - GaleidaOpponent - HediruOpponent - cookoo777
Starting 4 of 4 Leads, 3 of 3 Supportings,
2 of 2 Quirks.
Starting 4 of 4 Leads, 3 of 3 Supportings,
2 of 2 Quirks.
Starting 4 of 4 Leads, 3 of 3 Supportings,
2 of 2 Quirks.
Starting 4 of 4 Leads, 3 of 3 Supportings,
2 of 2 Quirks.





Sun LeadPiper Halliwell Charmed
Sun LeadHomer Simpson The Simpsons
Sun QrkSimpson Town The Simpsons
Sun QrkHank sighs King of the Hill
Sun LeadBree Van De Kamp Desperate Housewives
Sun LeadBart Simpson The Simpsons
Sun LeadHank Hill King of the Hill
Sun LeadSusan Mayer Desperate Housewives
Mon LeadEd Deline Las Vegas
Mon SuppJake Harper Two and a Half Men none
Mon LeadAlan Harper Two and a Half Men none
Mon LeadDebra Barone Ray none
Mon QrkOn the Phone 24
Mon QrkFlag Fear Factor

Mon QrkEats Fear Factor
Tue QrkCompliment American Idol-Tue
Tue SuppLuke Gilmore Girls
Tue QrkEnvelope Amazing Race
Tue SuppAngie Lopez George Lopez
Tue LeadJim According to Jim
Tue LeadLorelai Gilmore Girls
Tue SuppAndy According to Jim

Wed SuppKate Lost
Wed QrkTakedown Alias
Wed SuppLex Luthor Smallville
Wed LeadDoug Heffernan King of Queens
Wed SuppLocke Lost

Wed LeadClark Kent Smallville
Wed SuppJack Lost
Thu SuppSandy Cohen The O.C.
Thu SuppKaren Walker Will and Grace
Thu SuppSeth Cohen The O.C.
Thu LeadJoey Tribiani Joey

Thu LeadRyan Atwood The O.C.
Thu LeadWill Truman Will and Grace
Thu SuppJack McFarland Will and Grace

Tue SuppCarla Espinosa Scrubs
Sun QrkHomer says Doh The Simpsons
Mon QrkSomeone eats Ray none
Sun QrkMagic Charmed
Tue LeadJohn Dorian Scrubs
Sun SuppMarge Simpson The Simpsons
Tue QrkRecliner According to Jim
Mon LeadRay Barone Ray none
Wed LeadCarrie Heffernan King of Queens
Sun LeadGabrielle Solis Desperate Housewives
Wed QrkCompliment American Idol-Wed
Tue LeadRory Gilmore Girls
Thu QrkGirl appears or talks in Tribal Council Survivor
Tue QrkSubtitle Amazing Race
Thu SuppDonald Trump The Apprentice
Wed LeadMichael Vaughn Alias
Thu QrkGuy appears or talks in Tribal Council Survivor
Wed QrkScream Lost
Thu QrkAnyone says gay/homo/queer Will and Grace
Thu LeadMarissa Cooper The O.C.

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