Slashdot Post on Macrovision's New Patent

Today Slashdot reports that "Macrovision Applies for P2P Interdiction Patents". In other words, Macrovision is moving deeper into the P2P sabotage business. Macrovision is of course the company which makes it impossible for you to tape another tape or DVD with your VCR. If you've ever tried to watch a DVD player by hooking up the Coaxial Cable (thick cable) to your VCR and routing it to your TV then you can thank Macrovision for those pretty colors. By the way; I'd like to send a bill to Macrovision for the new TV set, exchange boxes and so forth I had to buy once I got a DVD player.

As we all know by now - Macrovision has failed. It doesn't really keep anyone from copying anything. Look at what is available now all over the Internet. Well, I had to point this out with this comment tonight:

If Macrovision feels they're not profitting richly enough, they're free to screen their customers more carefully or raise the price of their product. Deliberately flooding networks with extraneous junk is no better than flaming tires thrown on the freeway.

Here is the irony: Macrovision's customers are those who would like their copyrights/material strongly protected. Macrovision exists to prevent software "piracy", VHS & DVD bootlegging and generally makes a profit from selling peace of mind. Macrovision has failed over and over on all of these fronts.

The simple fact that they are moving into P2P "Interdiction" means that they should just stop now. I would hope their customers (Sony, Disney, Paramount, software developers...) see that their tactics aren't working and cut Macrovision out of the picture. Less money spent towards Macrovision's IP folder would mean a lower cost to manufacturers and maybe the consumer could benefit. An overall drop in movie or software prices would help spur sales. At least that is what Econ 101 tells me.

Macrovision, using patents to protect their failed business.