Just Returned From "Revenge of the Sith" (Short Review)

Ladies and gentlemen I amm one of the lucky ones, one of the blessed. I've just returned from the midnight showings of Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith. I never even planned on being one of the people at the first showings. I had joked that we should see if there was any place close showing Revenge of the Sith at 12:01, but I never thought that my girlfriend would have wanted to go. Two o'clock is usually her bed time.

It was her, not me, however pushing the other one of us out the door to make it on time. I looked to see if there were local showings at Movies.com around 11:15. Between then and 11:30 we had decided that the 40-minute drive was well worth it. It seemed too good to be true. The only problem was that I didn't have a joint ready. Of course I took care of that in no time. It must have been the best but quickest rolled joint in my rolling history.

I was on the road with a joint in my hand. I was totally calm. Actually, that is a lie. I wasn't worried about missing the show I was anxious to no end. I almost felt afraid of seeing it - the anticipation had really got to me. Maybe I was afraid it was going to suck, maybe I was afraid of seeing people dressed up like Stormtroopers and the Emperor's Royal Guards.

Wasn't a problem - there was no one like that there. We drove to Kentucky to watch it and I guess they already ran their Star Wars nerds out a long time ago. If I was a Star Wars nerd, well super-nerd then I'd leave Kentucky too. The first time you say the word "Jedi" they look at you a little funny.

Back to the story: I dropped my girlfriend off at the door and cruised over to a spot. Wouldn't you know the walk from the car to the door took forever. I think it was just the feeling that I couldn't wait. By the time I got inside she already had the tickets and was standing in line for food and drinks. When I walked up I told her I didn't need a drink, I just wanted to see the movie. I still don't think she was happy but we saved a small fortune by not getting food and drinks right? Well, she said that it was okay and we soon took our seats.

As always we were about four rows from the back. I never really like sitting in front. However for Attack of the Clones we sat about 10 rows back and that kicked ass. Now I kinda think we should have sat a little closer but the theater was packed. They only planned on showing the movie on one screen but two filled up with other (bigger, nicer) theaters selling out. The AMC at Newport on the Levee had all 20 screens showing Star Wars but had a recorded message telling callers all 20 screens were sold out. I heard that message at 11:30, so who knows when they sold out.

We caught a few previews but there wasn't anything we really cared about. There were only one or two new movies, ones that don't have TV commercials, the rest have been seen on TV or Apple's trailer site. One that has me excited is the trailer for the Fantastic Four - it looks like it will be like what the first X Men was supposed to be.

When the movie started, when the words "Star Wars" were shown before the scrolling text everyone cheered and clapped. That doesn't happen often, and when it does you get chills. The only thing I'll reveal about the scrolling text is that "War!" is the first sentence. As always the camera drops in onto the action. As always the action is awsome.

I don't want to give anything away so I guess I'll give you my "review".

This movie really does make the past two movies look good. When you see Episode III you will realize the reason for such a build up. You'll realize that those movies seemed bad because this is the one you've waited for. I liked the first two, but that is besides the point.

The Attack of the Clones was a great movie. Even the Phantom Menace was good. But nothing is this good - of course I'm not counting IV, V and VI in this because it wouldn't be fair. Revenge of the Sith is crazy good. The acting is better, the effects are used better and my man Ewan McGregor is better. Ewan is used in such a better way than in the last two that it is almost worth it if you are a McGregor fan.

The movie keeps you going.

The crazy thing is that you know what is going to happen. You have to. You know that Yoda isn't going to die. You know that the children (Luke and Leia) will be hidden from Vader. You know so much of the plot before they ever started filming. That doesn't matter. The film is presented all in such a way that you are still amazed if not shocked at certain points.

I must say that the attempt to turn Anakin to the Dark Side seems weak and happens almost too easily, but maybe that is the prejudice of seeing Luke in Return of the Jedi. Anakin however shocks you in his next few scenes due to the actions that he takes. As Darth Vader he does some things that you didn't even imagine someone like Lucas writing. Maybe he didn't.

Speaking of Return of the Jedi, I must say that "I was right". I watched "Return" a week ago and told a friend that "Revenge" was going to be a lot like that movie. It was, except the Ewoks. Not only does this movie rival Jedi for excitment, but also the two help bring the story full circle. I'm not talking so much of the start and end of Lord Vader, but a few of his traits.

In Return of the Jedi, Vader tells Luke that it is too late to save him and you get the idea that there is still good left in Darth. When the newly named Darth Vader commits atrocities it bothers him to the point of a tear or two. Anakin goes easily to the Dark Side, yet you get the idea that he is never all bad. Somewhat a paradox considering the atrocities he committs.

I don't know what to say really. I can't give you a point by point analysis because I'm off to watch Episode IV or V... or VI...

I would like to leave you with this; the last three movies show why the "Dark Side" was always represented by "Nazi" looking characters. The Empire is totally based on fear - people accept the actions of Palpatine because they are scared into doing so. The movie finally gets around to saying that what we are dealing with is nothing more than fascism. It does echo the actions taken by Hitler/Bush to gain/abuse power. At one point I even thought Anakin say that "if you aren't with us, you're against us" but you'll have to watch it see what he really says.

Okay, it's 4:41 AM right now so the people on the West Coast are getting into the movie.

May the Force be with you!