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Your Random Fortune - The Ministry of Truth - MinTruth.com

A little Mexican boy comes home from school one day and says to his grand-

father, "Granddaddy, today my teacher said that Pancho Villa, the bandit
used to raid towns around here! Did you ever know him?"
"Do *I* know Pancho Villa?" exclaims the man. "Why, boy, before
your father was born, I was riding into town on my horse. Suddenly, from
behind the bushes leaped Pancho with his six-guns drawn! He told me to get
down off the horse and to give him all my money. Then, he told me to scoop
some manure from the ground and eat it!"
"I refused at first, but Pancho had the guns, so I ate the shit.
And he started laughing so hard that it scared his horse into rearing up --
I grabbed the guns from his hands! I said to Pancho, `Okay, Pancho, now
it's your turn -- you eat the shit!' I had the guns, so he ate the shit.
"And you ask me, child, if I know Pancho Villa, the bandit! Why,
we had *lunch* together!"

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