"Taser" Sues Gannett for Libel

Update 2: Taser Sues Gannett for Libel Over Story - Forbes.com

Am I suprised?

Barefoot Being || kuro5hin.org

Barefoot Being by stzu is a good read, however I'd never be able to go barefoot. I don't know why but I just feel at home with shoes on.

It is just easier to have them on all the time.

There is no way you would catch me running around barefoot anywhere in a major city (and within 25 or so miles). There is a possibility that you will catch me on a beach without shoes, but you'll see me holding them - ready to go. I can't go without them. My feet are too important, and god gave us shoes to protect them right?

In two years I hear that wearing your shoes all of the time leads to cancer or something.

Fsck it