How did you get on the Internet?

From slashdot today:
Man I remember getting on the "net" back in the day...

A friend at school told me about it and I went home to try it out. First, I had to get the TCP/IP stack for Windows (Windows 3.1 needed Trumpet Winsock) - but once I had that I had to get more stuff. My buddy told me to get "netscape" so I found it on my ISP's dial-up shell and Zmodem'd it on down the pipe.

At 2400 baud it took about an hour (I believe it took just 56 minutes) and the download had to be restarted twice. Another version (1.0) was released a few days later and then I had to download that as well. By then however I received a 9600 modem from my uncle so it would be less painful this time.

It took a long time for me to realize what I was getting into. My family still doesn't understand the huge-ness of what happened in my grandfather's den that day (my grandfather I might add still uses Netscape 4). Little do they understand that I put them into the 21st century without much fanfare. I took them from the days where BBS's ruled and into a time where anything they want is at their fingertips.

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